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How to Protect Your Garage from Flooding? 6 Tips

How to Protect Your Garage from Flooding? 6 Tips

Flooding in your garage can prompt serious issues. Water develops mold which can occupy the rest of your home. However, there’re many effective ways a home owner can avoid or lessen floodwater getting in. Let’s have a glance at some of the effective ways of protecting your garage from flooding.

Clean the opening of the door: Dirt & sand can build up in the corners of the opening. And they can deter the door from completely closing which develops a gap between the floor & the door. The gap lets flood water to come in. Brush firmly to remove the dirt, so your overhead door fully closes.

Inspect & substitute the weatherstripping: There’s a rubber vinyl strip along the bottom of the garage door. The strip performs as a seal to stop water from leaking inside. With the continuous use, the strip can break down and let to get in. All you need to do in this circumstance is substitute the old strip with a brand new one. Garage Door Repair service companies perform a full proof weather stripping replacements.

Make a barrier: If you’re anticipating flash floods or heavy rain, a great way to restrict, if not prevent, flooding is to make an obstruction with sandbags. Fill out the bags, line them up against the exterior of the door, and put absorbent substance such as newspaper, towels or painter’s drop cloths at the back of it to soak up any water that seeps through.

Fill out cracks in your floor: Check the floors because cracks can build up as your home’s basement settles. If your house is constructed on clay, and if there are water ponds close to your home, it can steadily flow over the clay & seeps in through the openings. Clean up the floor and fill out the openings with a waterproof sealant.

Ensure the door is adjusted properly:Overhead doors go out of alignment, rollers can wear out and the tracks can clasp as they age. Any of these can consequence in a garage door not closing perfectly. Call a Vancouver garage door repair professional to service the door and to ensure everything is aligned correctly. This won’t just decrease the possibility of a flood, but it’ll extend the durability of your door.

Inspect the overhead door opener:Garage door opener can malfunction at times. And the outcome will be that the door doesn’t close completely, so the weatherstrip can’t perform its job. Only a garage door professional can properly tune up the overhead door openers. So, call a garage door repair professional immediately as soon as you notice your overhead door opener malfunction.

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