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How To Enhance The Safety & Security Of the Sliding Doors at Your Home

How To Enhance The Safety & Security Of the Sliding Doors at Your Home

Keeping your house secure means making certain that every entrance point, from front doors to back doors & windows, has the appropriate mechanism to discourage burglars. While deadbolts are ideal for steel-coated front gates & locks are effortlessly fitted on windows, sliding doors can be more complicated to secure. Timely Door Repair & Maintenance does discourage intruders; listed below are a few tips to enhance the safety & security of your sliding door.

Test the existing Lock or Latch alignment:

The majority of the sliding doors will have a lock on one side, usually in the handle; this tiny latch lock holds the door to the frame. Prior to addressing other security door problems, ensure this lock operates by closing the door, locking it and then trying to pull it open.  If the door opens, the latch is not grabbing the door perfectly or is coming loose from the frame. Consider appointing a professional sliding door installer or repair service in North Vancouver BC to ensure the frame is level & secure.

Maintain door tracks & rollers:

The majority of the sliding doors move back & forward on plastic rollers, but if these become damaged they will not move appropriately & the door can be lifted easily from its track. If your sliding door is not rolling perfectly, start by lifting it out of the track & cleaning any dirt and debris  – Both can make the track & the roller to deprave. A quick Door Repair service can take a control of these services on a fly.

Damage to your door, door frames, locks and door operating mechanisms can happen anytime due to wear & tear, mis-handled or due to malfunctioned parts. To maintain the strength, performance level, the functionality it needs equal and regular attention like you give it for any corner of your home or office. Professional door repair and garage door repair technicians do help you in these situations in North Vancouver BC.

Wire in your home alarm system:

If you’ve an in-home alarm system, ensure it is wired to a contact on your sliding door. This can be easily executed at the time of installation by alarm technicians & entails that if your door is opened after you have fixed the alarm, a warning will sound. You can also set up glass-break sensors on your sliding door or the wall close by in case a burglar attempts to break the glass rather than opening the door. If it is not done yet, just check for a Door Repair service in North Vancouver BC.

Window Filming :

Make a shatterproof door by putting a Window Film of a good thickness and only a professional sliding door installer or repair service can do it right. It gives enough protection from burglary.

Reinforced Door/Windows :

If you want to go for little more security then have a Reinforced Door/Windows which can be easily customized while a Door Repair service in North Vancouver BC.

Dirty or Broken Rollers, Wheels Out of Adjustment, Bent Track, Broken Glass or a Burglary damaged door, all needs ample of care as Sliding door is an asset of your premise and its beauty and longevity is always in your hands.

Conclusion –

Always consider hiring a professional if you are looking for sliding door repair in North Vancouver BC. Van City Doors is your one-stop solution If you want your sliding door up and running for years. To schedule an appointment with our door repair technician in North  Vancouver BC, feel free to get in touch with us on 778-588-9549. We are looking forward to serve your door repair or installation needs.